1st prize
If you match 6 digits
2nd prize
If you match 5 digits
3rd prize
If you match 4 digits
4th prize
5 entries into the next draw
If you match 3 digits

Play for ponies

Play our lottery today and help give ponies a brighter future.

It’s a fun new way to support our charity and each play costs just £1.

You could be in with a chance of winning up to £25,000 and that’s not even the best part – you’ll be helping to provide lifelong, loving care and support to over 600 rescued horses and ponies.

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary rescues horses and ponies that have been abandoned, neglected or abused. We ensure they have a safe sanctuary for life.

Our charity was founded on the principles that horses and ponies, as sentient beings and close companions of humans over the centuries, have a value and a purpose. They deserve our kindness and care.

Your £1 lottery ticket could help us:

  • Rescue foals, horses and ponies in urgent need
  • Provide feed, bedding and hay
  • Administer veterinary treatment and farrier care

Together we can help every horse and pony live their best life.

How to play

Step one:Once you’ve decided to Play for Ponies, you’ll receive a sequence of six numbers. This is unique to you!

Step two:Every Friday six numbers will be drawn at random. You can find all the winning numbers here every Friday afternoon.

Step three:If you’re lucky enough to match three or more in the correct order, you’ll win one of our amazing prizes!

  • First prize: A 6-digit match wins £25,000
  • Second prize: A 5-digit match wins £1,000
  • Third prize: A 4-digit match wins £25
  • Fourth prize: A 3-digit match wins 5 prize entries into the next draw

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Did you know?

For every £1 played in the Mare and Foal Sanctuary Lottery, we receive at least 50p to help us continue providing life-long, loving care and support to horses and ponies in need. The remaining 50p is used to cover prizes and administration costs. Visit our FAQs to learn more.

Supporter, Adele, won the £25,000 jackpot in May 2023! She really couldn’t believe it and said that the money had come just at the right time and would change her life. Adele told us that she plays for ponies because she is an animal lover and, following her win, she very kindly made an extra donation to the horses in our care.

The best prize is helping ponies in need, like Netty and Chandler

On Wednesday 8th November, we gave sanctuary to a beautiful Welsh moorland mare, Nia, and her two-month-old filly foal, Netty, after a multi-agency rescue. Less than two weeks later, on Monday 20th November, our welfare outreach and advice team led an operation to provide sanctuary to another moorland mare, Chandrani, and colt foal, Chandler, from a complex situation in Devon involving 14 equines.

The welfare team introduced the new arrivals as companions so that they could all explore their new environment together. The foals have been receiving gentle, but minimal handling from the staff so that they can live as naturally as possible with their dams in this early stage of their lives. Nia, Netty, Chandler and Chandrani have settled in very well and are enjoying their peaceful new sanctuary.

By playing our weekly lottery, you can help us provide essential care for ponies like Netty and Chandler.

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Supporter, Brenda, won £1,000 and said:

I must just thank you all so very, very much. It’s so fantastic to win the prize of £1,000. Having had several health issues recently, it was wonderful to receive this. We are going to spend it next summer on a trip to Singapore, which was where we met back in 1967. We will have been married for 53 years next year. Thank you all again for giving me something to look forward to.